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Sriraka Arts is established with an objective of self realisation. Now, we have ventured into the business of Selling Paintings. A painting often shows the concerns, hopes, values and memories of a community. That is why paintings are kept on the walls of Hindu temples. Many people like to express their individuality by decorating their houses with paintings. This is not an exclusive activity of rich people. Paintings can have a dramatic impact on the attitudes of passers by, when they are added to areas where people live and work.

The presence of a good painting increases the aesthetic value of a home. Also, It is a well known fact that a Painting, which is a blessing of Goddess Saraswathi, can spread Positive Energy inside a building which is essential for a peaceful and healthy life.So people surrounded by art are more relaxed and cultured than people who are not.

Our specialities

1. Oil Paintings on Canvas
2. Paintings - Fabric and Glass.
3. Kerala Sarees decorated with paintings.
4. Unique Mehandi designs
5. Murals on Canvas, Paper and Fabric (Any dress item)

Kindly note that our paintings are 100% hand-painted from scratch on canvas using high quality paints. Each Painting is having a size of 30 inches X 20 inches ( approx - Length X Width ) Original Pictures will not have Text, Logo or Name on them.

You can contact us if you are interested in buying a painting. To buy an item, click on the the 'Contact Us' Link in the home page and furnish your details along with the item no ( like Canvas No. 1 ).

We also welcome suggestions and queries. Expecting your co-operation,

Sriraka Arts